ScottishClimateChangeCommitmentThe leaders of all of Scotland’s main political parties recently committed to set out comprehensive plans on how they’ll address climate change, ahead of next year’s Scottish Parliament election.

Each of the party leaders have personally signed a public commitment to make their manifestos consistent with delivering Scotland’s ambitions on climate change.

The agreement was brokered by WWF Scotland, on behalf of a diverse group of civic organisations, including: Oxfam Scotland, Unison Scotland, the Church of Scotland, Christian Aid Scotland, SCIAF, Stop Climate Chaos Scotland, Friends of the Earth Scotland and RSPB Scotland.

The renewed political focus on reducing Scotland’s contribution to climate change comes in the week that the Scottish Parliament begins its final year of work before the next Holyrood election, and in advance of international climate change talks scheduled to take place in Paris this December.

By signing the agreement all the parties commit to:

  • Making each of their party manifestos “consistent with delivering the ambitions of Scotland’s Climate Change Act”. The Climate Change Act requires Scotland to reduce its annual climate change emissions by 42% by 2020 and 80% by 2050
  • Setting out plans in their manifestos to improve “the energy efficiency of Scotland’s buildings through a national infrastructure project”
  • Detailing plans in their manifestos for building “a low carbon transport system for Scotland”
  • Producing manifesto commitments that “continue to cut the climate change emissions from Scotland’s electricity generation” and “reduce the emissions from Scotland’s food sector”
  • Describing how they “will continue the work of Scotland’s Climate Justice Fund”