IMG_20150907_Knightswood_Vikings_06At the recent Knightswood Park Family Gala Day we had some unexpected visitors taking part on our cycle skills course – a family of vikings! They proved to be very adept at cycling and they got over, under and round all of the obstacles that we put in their way – I suppose we should have expected that given their long of history of successfully raiding other places!

Interestingly the Visit Denmark website provides us with the answer – Vikings were once feared across Europe for their raiding and pillaging, today’s Vikings are a peaceful bunch who have traded in their longships for bicycles.

The event was a great success – helped by a large amount of sunshine – and we had over 150 people took part in the cycle skills course and nearly 20 bikes were checked over by our resident Dr Bike!

IMG_20150916_Knightswood_WGP_01The event also saw the launch of our West Glasgow Pedallers – We Go Pedal project and we were able to provide people with a wide range of information about cycling, walking and active travel options in and around Glasgow as well as giving away lots of cycling related freebies including water bottles and bags! And the Whiteinch Bike Club also popped by in their new hi-viz vests and celebrated their first ride of the season with a sun-drenched picnic. Check out the photos below!