BikePath_People_SustransRecently Glasgow City Council consulted on their revised Strategic Plan for Cycling and Sustrans Scotland have made their response available in their website. The response makes for very interesting reading and helps to pull together some of the different policies and strategies that will influence the cycling strategy. The introduction to the response states…

We believe there is a large latent demand for cycling in Glasgow. The potential is shown in 75% of all journeys in Glasgow being less than 5km, coupled with Glasgow having the lowest car ownership levels in Scotland. There is real potential to transform Glasgow into a cycling city, where short everyday journeys undertaken by bicycle are both easy and normal.

However, in order to achieve this, we believe there are many areas of this strategy in which Glasgow City Council needs to be bolder and more ambitious , in order to make travelling by bicycle an easy and obvious choice for everyone. There are also several areas where we feel greater clarity is needed.

Sustrans Scotland successfully influences policy development to ensure that more people have the choice to walk, cycle or take public transport for more of their everyday journeys. We work closely with the Scottish Government, Local Authorities, government agencies and politicians in order to achieve this aim.