pparking-bigXThe Footway Parking and Double Parking (Scotland) Bill was introduced to the Scottish Parliament on 20 May 2015 and has been referred to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee for consideration at Stage 1.  It  is a members’ bill and Sandra White, the Constituency MSP for Glasgow Kelvin, is the member in charge.

The bill is currently out for consultation at: http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/parliamentarybusiness/CurrentCommittees/91535.aspx There is an option to give evidence or to complete a short survey and is open until Friday 6 November.

Footway parking and double parking can present an increased risk to the safety and wellbeing of all road users, including pedestrians (in particular wheelchair users, people with mobility issues and people with pushchairs and prams) and pedal cyclists who are clearly more vulnerable. In addition, it can prevent the passage of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, effect impede traffic flows and cause problems for emergnecy service vehicles.