DontWasteOurFuturePupils from four Glasgow Secondary Schools, including Knightswood Secondary School, were recently at the MilanExpo to take part in Don’t Waste Our Future – the 1st European forum of young people and local authorities against food waste.

DON’T WASTE OUR FUTURE! Building a European youth alliance against food waste and for new sustainable models of development and consumption” is a Development Education and Awareness project directed at European young people and local authorities to raise awareness of topics about food waste and the right to food, in order to encourage young people towards more responsible models of consumption and development.

Attendance at the event has ben coordinated by Keep Scotland Beautiful and they undertook a range of activities in the run up to the event.

The outcome of the event will be a ‘Don’t Waste Our Future Charter’ which could lead to a manifesto around food waste. Food waste is a substantial social, economic and ecological challenge. While 805 million people are affected by hunger and malnutrition, 1/3 of foodstuffs are still abandoned in fields or thrown away.

Following this event the young people will bring home an EU ‘Don’t Waste Our Future Charter’ to be considered and implemented by Glasgow City Council as part of its efforts to meet targets on food waste collection and reduction. This will then lead to further professional learning being delivered across Scotland by Keep Scotland Beautiful, and a peer led education programme to roll out the Charter.