IMG_20151020_YokerMilePost1000 mileposts were installed along the National Cycle Network throughout the UK as part of the Millennium celebrations in 2000.

Four different designs were commissioned by four different artists – one from Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The mile post in Yoker is by Scottish sculptor Iain McColl and is called The Cockerel. The influences behind this one are Miro’s “The Fork” and Branusci’s “The Cock”. This design has additional space that has been left for partners to cast their own short message.

NCN-Green-ENG-250x2502015 marks the 20th anniversary of the National Cycle Network and as part of the celebrations the mileposts in Scotland are being given a bit of TLC. Sustrans volunteers with support from partners in the local community have been giving the mileposts a coat of paint. We hope you like what we’ve done!

The nearest other mileposts are at Bells Bridge in the city centre and at the end of the nature trail in Jordanhill. You can find out more about the Mileposts on the Sustrans website.

PS the sign says Glasgow is to the West – this is correct as this is the traffic-free route of the cycle path to join NCN7 at Greenlaw Court!