WBC_Revolution_02Back in the autumn members of The Whiteinch Bike Club went on a club trip to see the Revolution Series elite track cycling event which was held at The Emirates Arena. One of the members of the club has written about her experience…

Tonight we had a good experience as part of the Whiteinch Community Bike Club. A few of us, including Davy and Isobel who run the club, went over to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome to see cycling races as part of Round 4 of the Revolution Series. I had decided I would like to go since it happened to be my birthday on this day. Issie had sent a message a few weeks ago, telling us about this, saying it would be a really exciting night and she could get tickets for us through funding that was available.

WBC_Revolution_04I had the idea of making sandwiches for everybody going since Davy had said at the bike club meeting it would be a good idea to bring sandwiches with you as well as a drink because it got very warm in there and it was from 6.30pm till 10pm. I also baked some flapjacks to bring. We met at the bus stop outside Partick Library, Julie and Jean (who had been out on a cycle run that day) and Mary who has more recently been coming to the club. Unfortunately Alex wasn’t able to make it along.

I enjoyed watching the different races. The first race was called a Scratch race. This was the women’s event and it was a 10km race. Everyone in the race is cycling to the best of their ability so it is exciting to watch.

WBC_Revolution_01Another race that was good to see was called Elite Championship 1km Madison Time Trial. This was a team of two men racing round the track, and they help each other. At first I thought it was a baton they were passing between them but when I asked Julie who was sitting next to me if they were passing something to each other, she replied it was a hand hold. That’s what it looked like, one grasped the other team member’s hand and pushed him forward, and then he would race around the track.

There were other races which were interesting in the way they were presented. After one race, the winner, Laura Trott (one of the stars that Issie said would be there), went over to some children who were leaning over the balcony and gave her bouquet of flowers to a little girl. Later on, as we were walking back along the road to the bus stop, we passed this little girl holding the flowers, she was with her mum and her sister probably. The flowers I noticed were orchids, she must have been very pleased.

I am glad we went. I hope we all had a good evening, it was something that was inspiring.

The Whiteinch Bike Club will start again in March with club nights taking place every second Thursday starting on 3 Mar and cycle rides every second Saturday starting on 5 March.