air-pollution-hearts_15311As part of the campaign against the WH Malcolm gasification plant planning application the various organisations involved in the campaign had identifed the issue of air quality and air pollution in the area as something that also needed to be addressed.

As a result Scotstoun Community Council took the lead on submitting a petition to the Council’s Public Petitions committee calling on the Council to create an additional Air Quality Management Area for South Street and environs. According to figures from Friends of the Earth Scotland air pollution contributes to 2000 early deaths a year in Scotland.

The committee was held on Tue 9 Feb and a representative from Scotstoun Community Council spoke at the meeting. In addition a group of residents from Byres Road had also submitted a similar petition calling for more to be done about air pollution and spoke at the meeting.

The outcome was success for both petitions -after consideration, the committee agreed

  1. that the issues raised in the petition deserved further attention; and
  2. instructed the Executive Director of Land and Environmental Services to submit a report on the petition to the Sustainability and the Environment Policy Development Committee and to look at further measures to ensure adequate baseline measurement of air quality within South Street and a separate report for Byres Road, and to work with both the petitioners on other related matters.