IMG_20160215_WAVE_CommTourLast week we went on a community tour with people from the Glasgow WAVE project partners DRCET, LINKES and DRC Generations as well as representatives of Scotstoun Community Council and Heart of Scotstoun.

We met up at DRC Generations for a bite of lunch before heading out in the mini-bus (from DRC Generations shared cost transport scheme). We drove around Scotstoun, Thornwood, Whiteinch, Knightswood, Peterson Park and Yoker and we stopped of at Teapots Cafe at The Whiteinch Centre for a wee cuppa.

The purpose of the tour was two-fold. Firstly to bring people from the different organisations together to meet and spend some time together and secondly to raise awareness of the range of community organisations in the area and some of the successes and issues that the community is involved in. You can check out the route here.

It was a really successful event and one participant said:

“It was really interesting, I found out lots about the area that I didn’t know – it was like a geography field trip – but not in a bad way.  It also helped me put names to faces.”

The community tour was undertaken as part of our Glasgow WAVE (West Area Volunteer Experience) project. We were invited by the funder – the Voluntary Action Fund – to participate in a social capital pilot project with support from Assist Social Capital.

Social capital is the relationships and networks we have with each other and the values which govern them. It shapes the quantity and quality of our social interactions and how well we can act collectively to tackle issues in our lives. There are four key elements – networks, reciprocity, trust and values. The Social Capital World Forum is being held at Netherton Community Centre on Fri 8 and Sat 9 April.