PlayOnPedals_FreeDropIn_Scotstoun_Spring2016_Header2The Play On Pedals project will be delivering a series of free drop-in sessions at the Scotsoun Leisure Centre over the next 7 weeks.

Play on Pedals provides pre-school children across Glasgow the opportunity to have the chance to learn to ride a bike before they start school. The sessions will take place on from 1 to 3pm on Saturday 27 February, 12 and 26 March and 9 April. And all the sessions are FREE!

Continuing the FREE theme De’ils On Wheels will be along at all four sessions offering FREE Dr Bike checks – so why not pop along and get your bike checked just in time for the weather getting better!

You can find out more about Play On Pedals on their website or download the poster PlayOnPedals_FreeDropIn_Scotstoun_Spring2016