subway_mapThe Glasgow Subway is to close for at least 4 weeks over the summer as part of the modernisation works taking place. This will be the first time over 30 years that the subway will have been completely closed for refurbishment works.

The work affects the section of the system known as “ramps and turnouts” which permits trains to access the tunnels from the surface depot and cross over between Inner and Outer Circles. This part of the system was installed almost 40 years ago and must be fully replaced to ensure reliable Subway service for future operation.

There is a more information about all the modernisation works on the SPT website.

egip-logo-landscapeIt also comes at a time when the local trains will also be disrupted due to the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme works to the Glasgow Queen Street tunnel which are due to be completed on 8 August 2016. Information on how this will effect journeys can be found here

And plans for a Scotland-wide ‘Oyster’ card are moving forward with the technology entering the final testing phase across the transport network. The new single payment card allow travellers to use the one card as a ticket for all means of public transport however a date for the public launch has not yet been set.