WereWatchingYou_ImageKeep Scotland Beautiful have launched a new high profile ‘We’re Watching You’ campaign to address dog-fouling.

Dog fouling is a persistent problem in some communities and previous research has shown that some dog owners act irresponsibly when they think they are not being watched.

Now, striking posters, first used by Keep Britain Tidy, with hard-hitting messages and trademarked ‘glow in the dark’ eyes are available to help influence the behaviour of those dog owners who currently don’t do the right thing.  There are two posters which have different messages: one details the fine level, the other highlights that 9 out of 10 dog owners pick up after their pets.

The pilot poster campaign which was conducted in partnership with NFU Scotland, urging dog walkers to clean up after their pets on agricultural land, more than halved the incidence of dog fouling recorded over the duration of the activity.

The ‘We’re Watching You’ toolkit which is available to download from the KSB website.