De’ils On Wheels is in urgent need of donations of left-handed bikes. We were recently contacted by a local left-handed resident who is looking for a left-handed bike.

Avril Poisson said, When I first learned to cycle I used to be able to ride both left and right handed bikes – I suppose you could’ve call me an ambidextrous cyclist – but as I got older my left-hand began to dominate and I could no longer cycle. I really miss it. I would love to be able to cycle from Glasgow to Paris and visit the Eiffool Tower!”

A spokesperson for British Cycling said, “We have seen a huge increase in cycling in the UK in the past few years and a similar increase in the demand for left-handed bikes. We are also looking at plans to build a left-handed Velodrome to meet this demand.”

So if you have an old left-handed bike that you no longer need please consider donating it to De’ils On Wheels. We don’t get many donations of left-handed bikes and on one occasion we got a rare donation of both a left-handed and right-handed version of a bike which you can see in the photo below. You can also clearly see the differences between the two bikes. And as an added incentive the first person to donate a bike in April will get a special prize!

De’ils On Wheels will also accept donations of right-handed bikes!


On the top facing left is a right-handed bike and on the bottom facing right is a left-handed bike clearly showing the difference between the two.