FOVP_LogoThe Friends of Victoria Park AGM will take place at 7pm on Thursday 12 May at St Thomas Aquinas Secondary, 112 Mitre Road, Jordanhill G14 9PP.

This is a very important time for the park as there are still real concerns about the future of the large north west area of the park – the former blaes pitches. FoVP campaigned a few years ago against this land going for commercial lease. Since then despite extensive local consultation carried out by the council, nothing has been done to secure a positive future for this site as beautiful green space and it remains seriously neglected. FoVP are concerned that another effort will be made to sell or lease it off.

FoVP are also very worried about the state of the fossil grove, a Site of Special Scientific Interest which Scottish Natural Heritage have noted is now in an unfavourable and declining condition.

On a more positive note, FoVP have been successful in attracting additional funding to improve the range of play equipment in the playground, we have ensured that the formal flower beds north of the ponds have been well maintained by the council and they have encouraged volunteers who have been planting wild flower plugs and keeping the rose beds in good order.

It’s very important that there is a good turnout for this meeting so please come along.