Treezilla_LogoTreezilla is making a monster map of Britain’s trees. Treezilla is an exciting new platform for citizen science to map every tree in Britain. The platform has been devised for The Open Science Laboratory and it will create a data-rich platform on which a wide range of citizen science investigations can be built.

You can use Treezilla to record the trees near you and to find out how they benefit the local environment. St Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in Jordanhill have already mapped some of the trees on their campus!

Kingsway_garden_treeThe initial focus of the project is looking at the ‘ecosystem services’ provided by trees. Imagine a tree in your neighbourhood, it is not just an inert object, it is a living plant taking in carbon dioxide from the air and giving out the oxygen we need to survive. The tree also removes various pollutants from the atmosphere such as PM10 particulates, sulphur dioxide, ozone and nitrogen dioxide. These pollutants can have serious negative effects on human health, 24,000 people die each year as a result of air pollution. Urban trees are particularly important in reducing the levels of air pollution.

You can find out more about the project and how to get involved on the Treezilla website!


  • To produce a website where the general public can record the location of individual trees and enter information about each tree.
  • To develop a method of handling pre-defined polygons of trees i.e. woodland.
  • To interface with the nQuire system  and provide suitable data download.
    Engage with the public to ensure large numbers of people use the site.
  • Engage with all the major organisations dealing with trees such as Forestry Research, councils, conservation and campaigning organisations, and those dealing with tree pests and diseases.