connect-banner-for-euro-cycle-challenge-270-x-612The European Cycling Challenge is now over half way through and cyclists in the 52 cities across Europe which are competing in this year’s event have clocked up a total of 2.2 million kilometres of which nearly 1.75 million km count towards the respective cities!

And how is Glasgow doing I hear you ask? Not too bad. Glasgow currently sits 16th on the leader board with nearly 34,000 km clocked up – although this is well short of the leaders Gdansk who have amassed over 400,000 km so far! I wonder if they’ll make the 1 million mark??

Over 1000 cyclists have signed up to Team Glasgow and nearly half of these have cycled at least 10 km. As for We Go Pedal we have 11 people signed up to the team and we have clocked up 592 km so far and we sit 10th in the Others sub-team leaderboard.

One of the reasons that Glasgow has signed up to the challenge is that all the GPS data that the cyclists log gets turned into a heat map which provides the council with an extremely useful insight into cycling patterns and habits in the city and other neighbouring local authorities. The city heat map and a close up of the map for G13 and G14 is shown below.

There is still time to get involved so sign up today and let’s help get Team Glasgow into the top ten!



Glasgow cycling heat map G13 and G14