20160601_CycleChallenge_Subteams_FinalSo our first attempt at European Cycling Challenge has come to an end. The We Go Pedal team, which was part of Team Glasgow, had 11 members and thanks to our combined efforts we cycled a total of 1268 kms during the month of May, which is a great effort by everyone involved! We came 9th overall in the ‘Others’ sub-teams category and Team We Go Pedal came 14th out of all 74 sub-teams that made up Team Glasgow!

Out of 52 cities Glasgow finished 18th with 71,970 km cycled within the GCC boundaries by the 569 active participants, out of 1,155 who signed up. And a total distance by Glasgow participants of 127,454 kilometres was cycled placing Glasgow in 14th place. And in terms of kilometres cycled per capita (per thousand residents) the total was 121 km / 1000 citizens placing Glasgow 26th. So overall I would say this is a pretty good first attempt at the European Cycling Challenge.

Also for Team We Go Pedal the first 3 places were spread evenly between the We Go Pedal partners – Sarah from DRCET/De’ils On Wheels coming 1st, Davy from Whiteinch Bike Club/De’ils On Wheels coming 2nd and Heather from LINKES coming 3rd! In addition a huge congratulations to both Sarah (28th) and Davy (65th) who both finished in the top 100 cyclists for Team Glasgow and will be receiving a prize from the Council for their achievements (in fact Sarah reached a high of 15th during the month!).

20160601_CycleChallenge_HeatMap_Glasgow_CentreOne of the reasons for the Council signing up for the challenge was the heat map that is generated by all the data from the various journeys logged during the month. It is really quite interesting to see where people cycle in the city. Also you can check out all the final leaderboards on the European Cycling Challenge website

Once again many thanks for taking part in the Cycling Challenge! Looking forward to next year already!

And don’t forget as part of Bike Week 2016 we will be hosting a Bike Breakfast on Thu 9 Jun at Balshagray Crescent from 7.30am – the location was selected based on the heat map!