20160624_AirQuality01Glasgow City Council has recently installed an air quality monitoring station in Northinch Street in Whiteinch. This follows on from pressure from the local community as part of the campaign against the WH Malcolm proposal for a gasification plant on South Street.

We are awaiting a further update from the Council with regards to what is being monitored and, very importantly, when and how the data will be available. Similar stations measure PM10 and PM2.5 particulate matter, Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and Nitric oxide (NO).

Air pollution is a serious public health issue in Scotland and the rest of the UK with PM10 and NO2 which are known to be linked with serious health problems including heart attacks, strokes, respiratory illness and early death

The Scottish Government’s Scottish Air Quality website provides live updates on 91 monitoring stations across the country including several in the Greater Glasgow area http://www.scottishairquality.co.uk/ The three locations in the west of Glasgow are: