WGP_Issue3_HeaderIssue 3 of the West Glasgow Pedallers We Go Pedal news is out now! It has been a busy few months over the summer and there has been lots happening on the cycling front!

WGP_Issue3_Cover_The newsletter contains a snapshot of cycling in Scotland produced from the Cycling Action Plan Scotland progress report. You can also read about our activities during Bike Week 2016 and how Team We Go Pedal performed in the European Cycling Challenge 2016.

In additon there is an update on the We Go Pedal project – our original Cycle Friendly and Sustainable Community grant has now come to an end. However we are delighted to have secured further funding from Cycling Scotland in the form of a Cycle Friendly Communities development grant to support local communities in the area.

So what are you waiting for – download the newsletter here – WeGoPedal_News_Issue3_Jul16 – and you will find copies popping up in various places in the local area including community centres, medical centres and libraries.

We’d really like to hear you feedback on the newsletter so once you’ve had a chance to read it let us know what you think – and if there’s anything you would like to see in future issues just let us know!

CLS_Logo_AmnddWe are also very grateful to Cycle Law Scotland who have kindly sponsored the newsletter. And through the Road Share campaign they are also petitioning the Scottish Government for presumed liability on the roads.

You also can download Issue 1 here and Issue 2 here and you can keep up to date with the We Go Pedal project on our blog!


We Go Pedal is a partnership between DRCET, De’ils On Wheels bike workshop, The Whiteinch Bike Club and LINKES Bike Club and is funded by Cycling Scotland.