20160921_balshagray_13_volunteersSome of our volunteers along with volunteers from the West Glasgow Green Gym and Sustrans Scotland descended upon Blashagray Crescent this week to give it a bit of a clean up.

Balshagray Crescent is the access point for pedestrians and cyclists to the south bound Clyde Tunnel. We have held a few bike breakfasts here in the past few months and our monitoring shows us that at busy times there can be 3-4 pedestrians and cyclists every minute using this busy junction.

The trees in the street had a large amount of epicormic growth around the bottom of the trees which causes the pavements to get blocked, the area to become quite dark and also litter and debris to get trapped making the area look messy.

20160921_balshagray_05_bothThis growth also seriously restricts the sight lines for pedestrians and cyclists alike because it is at head level thus making the area more hazardous. There was also a lot of leaf litter left over from last autumn and winter which was making the pavements and gullies slippy.

As you will see in the before and after photos we think we did a cracking job of cleaning the area up and helped improve the walking and cycling infrastructure in the area and made it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

This clean up was part of our We Go Pedal Cycle Friendly Whiteinch project which launched last week.