zws903-lfhw-ewwr-facebook-banner-2016The European Week for Waste Reduction runs from Saturday 19 to Sunday 27 November 2016 and the theme of this year’s European Week for Waste Reduction is ‘Use-less Packaging’.

Some packaging has its uses like keeping food fresher for longer but packaging waste in Scotland is an unavoidable issue. We throw away 208 million disposable coffee cups every year. If we stacked them end to end that would be the equivalent length of Loch Ness – 674 times over! What other packaging can you think of that is useless or wasteful?

Zero Waste Scotland are the official organisers of the week in Scotland and are encouraging businesses, educational establishments, voluntary organisations, charities and retailers to make a change to everyday behaviour to reduce the amount of food waste and packaging waste produced. Even the smallest changes in daily lives can make a big difference in our local environment and help Scotland to move towards becoming a more sustainable and resource efficient society.

What’s the fuss about food waste? Scottish households throw away £1 billion worth of food every year. That’s 600,000 tonnes of food. If left in landfill, it releases methane gas, a greenhouse gas 25x more harmful than CO2. Scotland has an inspirational and ambitious food waste reduction target of 33% by 2025.