newclydeswingbridgeThe plans for a new opening bridge across the River Clyde from Renfrew to Clydebank have moved forward with the publication of a detailed scoping report, which includes the first indications of what the bridge might look like.

A detailed scoping report for the Clyde Waterfront and Renfrew Riverside project has been released by engineering consultants Sweco including a possible design for the 184m-span swivel road bridge which would cross diagonally from Meadowside Street in Renfrew to Dock Street off Glasgow Road.

However, as reported in the Clydebank Post, there are still some serious concerns about the impact the bridge will have in the Clydebank and Yoker area both in terms of increases in traffic but also the impact on local shops and businesses.

An electronic pdf copy of the Scoping Report and associated figures is now available for download from the following link: