20161112_workshopmakeoverThis summer was the busiest yet for the De’ils On Wheels community bike workshop. We sold the most bikes, accepted the most donations, undertook the most repairs and services and we also had our busiest summer in terms of events and activities out in the community since we re-opened three and a half years ago.

As a result the workshop has been working very hard and was looking a bit worse for wear and in need of some TLC. We also took some time to speak to our volunteers to see what other things could be improved in the workshop.

So a couple of weeks ago we spent most of the week having a big clear out, a deep clean, some running repairs as well as some painting and decorating! One of the things we wanted to do was try and make the workshop a brighter place to be. We have had great feedback from the volunteers and customers and we celebrated with some tea and cake!

Many thanks to the staff and all the volunteers for their efforts over the past week and also over the whole of the summer. Onwards and upwards!