underoneroofThe Government has recently launched a new website – www.underoneroof.scotaimed at providing impartial advice on repairs and maintenance for flat owners in Scotland.

The information provided on the website is designed to help you understand your rights and responsibilities and to understand what professionals tell you.

The site has over 100 drawings, 200 photographs and a ‘Repair Symptoms Checker’ to help owners pin down what is affecting their building’s health. Downloadable model letters will make the whole process easier for owners. Advice on dealing with owners who refuse to participate in critical repairs is also provided.

Under One Roof is being launched as part of Scottish Government’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design and will represent a major legacy of the Festival of Architecture 2016 which sits at the heart of the focus year.

Back in 1992, Annie Flint and John Gilbert wrote “The Tenement Handbook” which was published by the RIAS and contained drawings and articles on how to identify repair problems and explain owners responsibilities for maintenance. The book was out of date and that it only covered sandstone tenement types. John Gilbert has also written a blog about the new website.

The new website  aims to update the information and make it a useful resource for anyone who owns a flat in Scotland or is involved in trying to manage the repair of jointly owned housing. The site lists six ways to keep your flat’s value

  • Know your neighbours
  • Maintain your gutters!
  • Get your building surveyed every 5 years
  • Save for repairs
  • Get professional help
  • Know your responsibilities