getglasgowmovingWednesday 14 December 2016 marks Glasgow Subway 120th birthday and Think Outside the Circle: Extend Glasgow’s Subway will be ‘celebrating’ with the launch of the Get Glasgow Moving campaign. Please bring your party hats and join in at 1pm on Wednesday 14 December at the north exit of St. Enoch Station.

Built in 1896 it’s a sad fact that Glasgow Subway is the only underground in the whole world never to have been extended and so still only serves a tiny area of our city.

The Get Glasgow Moving campaign has been featured in the news recently – check out their Facebook page for the links – and is calling for a a world-class, fully-integrated and accessible, publicly owned public transport network for everyone in Glasgow.

You can also take time to sign the #HaudTheBus campaign petition calling for bus regulation. ‘Haud the Bus’, is a grass roots campaign organised by Unite Community to save local bus services in Scotland. Use handle #Haudthebus

The petition is “Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to legislate to regulate bus services in Scotland and to carry out an inquiry into the benefits of bringing bus services in Scotland into common ownership.”

The closing date for signing the petition is Tuesday 20 December 2016.