20161128_vp_placemakingFollowing on from the Community Placemaking event that was held back in late November at Scotstoun Stadium the consultants have written up all the findings which are now available on the City Council website.

Community Placemaking is a process to:

  • design a public space together with the communities and stakeholders;
  • engage in a collaborative process so that all interests can be addressed in a holistic way; and
  • ensure that the public space is valued and used.

and the aim of the Community Placemaking exercise is:

  • to find a shared vision
  • to design an action plan
The participants completed an initial welcome survey (see image below) and then they were divided into five groups to identify the strengths and weaknesses of Victoria Park relating to the following five themes shown below. The participants had an opportunity to contribute to each of the themes and they were also required to agree three key priorities which they felt needed to be addressed (see image below)
  1. People, equality and diversity
  2. Green and open spaces
  3. Facilities  and buildings
  4. Range and type of activities
  5. Park management

Following on from the first session a further series of workshops are scheduled and these will be followed by a final community workshop before an action plan is produced.

  • Workshop A: Topic: Facilities and Buildings (Mon 16 Jan)
  • Workshop B: Topic: Open and Green Spaces (Mon 16 Jan)
  • Workshop C: Topic: Management and Collaboration (Mon 23 Jan)
  • Community Workshop (Mon 30 Jan)

You can download all the documents from the Council’s website. For more information please contact Rosie Jenkins at EKOS (e: Rosie.Jenkins@ekos.co.uk), the consultants undertaken this process.


Initial welcome survey scores


Priorities identified for each theme


List of related documents available on the Council website