whiteinchcentreThe Whiteinch Centre is seeking a skilled and experienced café operator to operate and manage the café and other catering services within Whiteinch Centre Limited from May 2017 to May 2018.

This will follow the model of a café concession for the purpose of providing a public catering service for an agreed rental charge. The operator will have exclusive use of a kitchen to an agreed specification in return for a set concession fee. Exclusive use will be limited to a Licence to Occupy, not a lease.

Proposals will be assessed on the basis of experience, quality of approach and viability of proposal. Acceptance of any proposal will be subject to a final contract comprising a Licence to Occupy to be entered into by Whiteinch Centre Limited and the successful party.

Please note nearing the end of the contract a discussion will take place between the Contractor and Whiteinch Centre Limited regarding an option to renew on completion of a satisfactory service in 2017/18.

To register interest and obtain the invitation to tender pack please email tenderenquiries@whiteinchcentre.org.uk

Deadline to submit a tender is midday on Friday 24 March 2017