Following our recent strategic review DRCET has widened our core operating area to cover two full electoral Wards – Ward 13 Garscadden / Scotstounhill and Ward 12 Victoria Park. And moving forward DRCET will be using the Place Standard to evaluate the quality of this area.

The Place Standard can evaluate places that are well-established, undergoing change, or still being planned. The tool can also help users to identify their priorities.

The tool is simple to use and consists of 14 topics (shown below) which cover both the physical and social elements of a place. Prompts are provided to help users answer the questions and when all 14 questions have been completed, the results are shown in a simple diagram as shown above and below.

We would appreciate it if you could take 5-10 minutes to complete the survey, which is available online at:

or you can download a PDF version here DRCET_PlaceStandard_Survey_v3_Mar17.

If you have any questions then please contact Neil (m: 07943 957061, e:

Why Place is important

Research shows that the places where we spend our time have an important impact on our lives. The way a place looks, functions and feels can influence our health and wellbeing, and the opportunities we have access to. Improving the quality of places can help to tackle inequalities.

Understanding the existing and potential strengths of a place can inform good decision making, allowing resources to be targeted to where they are most needed. This approach can deliver better results over the long term. The tool can also support the design and delivery of successful places, creating quality development where people want to live.

14 topics covered by the Place Standard are shown below…