The European Cycling Challenge 2017 is the biggest cycling event across Europe. The idea is to encourage people to use their bikes as much as possible. It’s about everyday cycling for everyone.

ALL cycling is permitted with the exception of sporting and training events. Whether you are cycling all the way to work, to the station, going to the shops or just enjoying being out on your bike, we want you to take part and record your routes to help improve cycling across the Clyde Valley.

Last year, 52 cities, including Glasgow, joined the Challenge. Over 46,000 people cycled four million kilometres (4,000,000 km) during the month of May. Glasgow finished a respectable 18th with 72,000km recorded with the Glasgow boundary but recorded over 127,750 km in total.

Once again the We Go Pedal team will be pedalling for victory. Last year the We Go Pedal team, which was part of Team Glasgow, had 11 members and thanks to our combined efforts we cycled a total of 1268 kms and we came 14th out of all 74 sub-teams that made up Team Glasgow! So we need more people to sign up to the team!

To join Team We Go Pedal you need to:

  • Download the naviki app
  • Go to Settings > Contests > ECC2017
  • Click the button “I’m Participating” to opt in
  • Click on My Teams, Select “Glasgow City Region”
  • Click on My Teams, Select “Other”, scroll down to “We Go Pedal”

This year, working in partnership with neighbouring authorities we are participating as the “Glasgow City Region”. This means that whether you are cycling from East Kilbride to Glasgow, along to Croy station to get the train, along Byres Road, or on the Bears Way, all your journeys will count!

How do I take part?

  • Sign up for the challenge at and choose Glasgow City Region.
  • Download the official app, Naviki – available on Apple, Android and Windows.
  • On the app (or webpage), go to Leaderboards (cup icon) and choose any other group information (e.g. individual College or Workplace)
  • Record your journeys throughout the month of May on the app. You can also use data from Strava or other route trackers or, trips can also be manually logged.

For more info, find a step-by-step tutorial from Naviki here.

During May a newsletter will be sent out on a weekly basis to keep you aware of what’s going on! This will include cycling events in the area including led rides, Cycling gala days etc.

Throughout the month of May there will be a number of events and led rides held to celebrate the ECC. A full list of events will be posted here – ECC Events

There are over 120 prizes up for grabs throughout the month! These are awarded by distance and through prize draws. All you need to do is get on your bike and log some rides throughout May to be in with a chance of winning.

Register now!create your account and find out more information at: