The Marine Conservation Society (MCS), the UK’s leading marine charity has asked people to join their Plastic Challenge this June.

MCS says the amount of plastic litter on our beaches and in the sea is increasing, and with it the threat to marine life. Plastic bags, bottles and tiny plastic pieces are regularly found in the stomachs of turtles and other sea creatures, and in some cases have caused their death from starvation or choking.

Our bins are increasingly full of ready meal containers, plastic bags and plastic bottles. You see the streets, cycle paths and hedgerows littered with them.

We use single use plastics for just about everything, from brushing our teeth and showering to buying and storing our food and other products. It’s durable and lightweight, but it’s these properties that allow it to persist in the environment for hundreds to thousands of years.

Here at DRCET we’ve decided to take on the challenge during June and see if we can give up using single use plastic items for the month, in an attempt to improve our local community as well as the seas!

Find out more on the MSC website or on Twitter – @mscuk and #plasticchallenge

FACT: Plastics are among the most persistent synthetic materials in existence and are now a significant and extensive marine pollutant.

Many types of plastic can be recycled, but much of it isn’t. We want people to stop taking it for granted, take responsibility for the resources they are using, and encourage others to do so as well. We want Plastic Challengers to spread the reduce, reuse, recycle message to reduce the amount of plastic entering the environment. We’re challenging people to give up their lifestyle of convenience, giving up their pre-packed sandwiches, their ready meals and their drinks on the go during the challenge. We want to change people’s attitudes towards single-use-plastics, and to encourage people to just buy what they need. People taking on the Plastic Challenge are often shocked to find out just how much single use plastic is used every day. Do the Plastic Challenge and you’ll never look at your shopping in the same way again!

If you want to join us on our plastic free journey you can find out more about the challenge on the Marine Conservation Society website and sign up to get involved.