ECC leaderboard 2017This May was Team We Go Pedal’s second attempt at the European Cycle Challenge and we’re pleased to report that we smashed our 2016 total.  This year we recruited 15 victims participants and during May Team We Go Pedal have cycled a grand total of 1838.6 km putting us in 6th place amongst the 80 Glasgow sub-teams, and 3rd place in the Other category.

52 cities took part in the event and altogether logged a whopping 4,650,554 km with İzmir Büyükşehir Belediyesi, the third biggest city in Turkey (yes, I had to look it up) coming first with 855,002 km. Glasgow came 18th with a total of 59,613 km cycled.

Gdańsk was still the best overall cycling city with 1800.1 km cycled per 1000 inhabitants.  Glasgow came in at 27th in that leaderboard with 100.2km per 1000 inhabitants, slightly down on last year’s figure of 121 km/inh.

A big shout out to our volunteers who contributed most of our mileage. Mikey cycled 356.4 km and Davy cycled 252.1 km within the boundaries allowed by the challenge; however over the month, Davy cycled 625.2 km which put him in 20th place on the Glasgow leaderboard.  Congratulations (and a tub of chamois cream) to both of them, but a big thanks to everyone who added some mileage to our team.

Best wishes to our volunteer Cara who didn’t add any miles to the team, but who would have done if she hadn’t broken her collarbone coming off her bike a couple of days before the challenge started!  We hope you feel better soon Cara!

As last year we will have a good look at the heatmaps that were generated by all the logged rides which will help us in our work promoting cycling in west Glasgow an beyond.

ECC heatmap 2017

Ecc heatmap 2017 local