Three local Councillors have been appointed as City Convenors as part of the new Council administration following the recent local government elections.

The appointments are as follows:

  • Cllr Chris Cunningham (Ward 13 Garscadden/Scotstounhill) is City Convener for Education, Skills and Early Years;
  • Cllr Kenny McLean (Ward 23 Partick East/Kelvindale) is City Convener for Neighbourhoods, Housing and Public Realm and
  • Cllr Feargal Dalton (Ward 12 Victoria Park) is City Convener for Workforce.

The full list of Convenors is shown below and you can find out more about the appointments on the Council website. The Council website also has detailed listings for every Councillor in the city including information regarding committee and party membership.

List of Convenors et al

  • Councillor Eva Bolander (Lord Provost)
  • Bailie Philip Braat (Depute Lord Provost)
  • Councillor Susan Aitken (City Convener for Inclusive Economic Growth, Leader of the Council)
  • Councillor David McDonald (City Convener for Communities, Depute Leader of the Council)
  • Councillor John Letford (City Convener for Democratic Renewal, Business Manager)
  • Councillor Allan Gow (City Treasurer)
  • Councillor Chris Cunningham (City Convener for Education, Skills and Early Years)
  • Councillor Mhairi Hunter (City Convener for Health and Social Care Integration)
  • Councillor Anna Richardson (City Convener for Sustainability and Carbon Reduction)
  • Councillor Kenny McLean (City Convener for Neighbourhoods, Housing and Public Realm)
  • Councillor Jennifer Layden  (City Convener for Equalities and Human Rights)
  • Councillor Feargal Dalton (City Convener for Workforce)
  • Councillor Angus Millar (Depute City Convener for Economic Growth)
  • Councillor Ken Andrew (Depute City Convener for Health, Care and Wellbeing)
  • Councillor Richard Bell (Depute City Convener for Education and Skills)
  • Councillor Michelle Ferns (Depute City Convener for Democratic Renewal)
  • Councillor Greg Hepburn (Depute City Convener for Liveability)
  • Councillor Ruairi Kelly (Depute City Convener for Governance)
  • Bailie Russell Robertson (Depute City Convener for Empowering Communities)



  • Councillor Frank McAveety (Leader of the Opposition)
  • Councillor Archie Graham OBE (Depute Leader of the Opposition)
  • Councillor Bill Butler (Business Manager for the Opposition)