Glasgow City Council are planning to hold a number of summits over the coming weeks to bring residents, stakeholders, and partners from across Glasgow together to discuss topics which directly affect citizens in Glasgow and bring new ideas to improve services provided by Glasgow City Council and its partners. The aim is that by having these discussions we can improve Glasgow’s economics, social and living standards.

A Community Summit will take place from 6-8.30pm on Wednesday 16 August at Glasgow City Chambers. The summit will include 2 speakers and three 20 minute workshops (participatory budgeting, asset transfer and neighbourhood renewal and , as well as stalls from a selection of community groups.

The purpose for the community summit is…

  • To discuss devolving power, to shape empowerment policy and ensure communities make the most of the new opportunities available to them.
  • Building community capacity and working in partnership to create stronger, more equal communities.
  • Empowering communities and developing more inclusive decision making

If you are interested in participating please register via EventBrite. The draft agenda is shown below.

Community Summit agenda

1800-1820: Registration

1820-1825: Welcome and Introduction:

1825-1840: Guest Speaker 1: Public Policy

1840-1855: Guest Speaker 2: Community Council Case Study

1855-1915: Tea and Coffee break

1915-2015: Workshops will consist of 3 x 20 minute workshops. Workshop 1: Participatory Budgeting , Workshop 2: Asset Transfer, Workshop 3: Neighbourhood Renewal

2015-2030: Panel Q&A session

2030: Summit finishes

Scribes will be allocated to each group to capture what has been discussed throughout the evening