A drive to get children out to play has been launched. The year-long campaign, “Away and Play”, is powered by Inspiring Scotland. It will highlight the benefits of free and unstructured play in encouraging imagination, promoting risk-taking, improving health and helping children collaborate.

Research published in the academic journal Early Education and Development is part of a growing body of research on the subject. This has shown that children with higher levels of active outdoor play had improved cognition which resulted in better academic performance in reading and mathematics.

These findings are supported by evidence from Inspiring Scotland’s Active Play programme, which currently works with primary schools in Glasgow in partnership with Glasgow City Council, through which class teachers have reported greater alertness and focus from children following active outdoor play sessions.

Inspiring Scotland cite global studies which provide evidence that play helps children as they grow up and can lead to more innovative, entrepreneurial and caring societies in the future. The campaign directly supports the ambitions of Scotland’s National Play Strategy and the work of Scotland’s national play body – Play Scotland and the Play Council Members.

Inspiring Scotland, is an independent charity focused on tackling some of Scotland’s toughest, long-term social problems.

Visit Inspiring Scotland’s #AwayandPlay webpage for play events near you and information on how to take part. and check out their Facebook page or follow #AwayAndPlay on Twitter