Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN) recently launched their first Pocket Guide to Glasgow Social Enterprise and DRC Environment Trust and De’ils On Wheels both feature in the guide!

This comprehensive guide is packed full of information on social enterprises in Glasgow. Inside you will find GSEN membership organisations broken down into categories where it will be easy for you to find out what products and services GSEN members offer, handy descriptions and that all important contact information.

This guide will also help you explore what a social enterprise is and understand the diversity; while also drawing attention to the scale and highlighting the impact they are having on the social, economic and environmental life of the city.

Some operate at national level, some very local but all are striving to change the landscape of Glasgow, to improve our communities and are doing it through trading with the public, private and third sector organisations and the public sector.

This guide provides you with a fuller understanding of who GSEN are and encourages you to look towards social enterprise when you consider your next purchase, service needs or contract.