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The UK Without Incineration Network (UKWIN) is embarking on their most ambitious campaign yet – calling for a moratorium on new incineration capacity! And they are asking for your help.

There is now more committed incineration capacity than available residual waste to burn, so it is vital that no more incinerators are built in the UK.

UKWIN are asking people to write to their MP asking them to support the call for a moratorium on new incineration capacity.  The emissions, the impact on climate change, the harm to recycling and the fact it simply isn’t needed all make incineration an expensive folly that is not required.

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Keep Scotland Beautiful have published a report showing that Scotland’s local environmental quality is deteriorating and that it is at a 10 year all time low.

The Local Environmental Quality in Decline report confirms that there has been a marked increase in the presence of litter, flytipping and graffiti in communities across the Scotland, and an overall decline in local environmental quality.

Poor local environmental quality is having a negative impact every day on the lives of over one million people living in Scotland. Local environmental quality is declining more severely and at a faster rate in our most deprived communities. And for those that perceive their local environment to be poor are more likely to report poorer physical and mental health.

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The Scottish Resources Awards recently celebrated circular economy successes across the country honouring the winners for their outstanding contribution to Scotland’s sustainability ambitions.

One of the winners was Clydebank Shopping Centre who won Best Food Waste initiative for composting food waste from over 100 businesses on site.

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We are delighted that De’ils On Wheels, our community bike workshop, has recently been re-accredited as a Revolve Reuse Centre.

Revolve is Scotland’s national re-use quality standard for shops who sell second hand goods in Scotland. Revolve wants to make it easier, more inviting, and safer for everyone to buy second hand items. When you see the Revolve logo, then you know you are buying from a great re-use shop, who is committed to quality and excellent customer service.

There are now over 100 Revolve Reuse Centres across Scotland including Glasgow Wood Recycling, Spruce Carpets and Merry-Go-Round Glasgow children’s boutique!

You can find out more about De’ils On Wheels on our website, Facebook page and Twitter feed!

Update 24 Oct 17the Scottish Parliament voted to support and strengthen the Scottish Government’s proposal to ban fracking.

Recently the Scottish Government announced a ban on fracking which is a momentous win for communities and our climate. The Energy Minister announced that the existing moratorium would be extended indefinitely using planning and environmental regulation powers to effectively ban the fracking industry.

Over 60,000 people responded to the Scottish Government’s consultation on fracking, the second largest number to engage in a consultation in the history of the devolved Parliament, with 99% calling for a ban. This is the largest number of people ever to express a single opinion to a Scottish Government official consultation.

However the Minister did not commit to putting the ban into law and the Scottish Government must seek Parliament’s approval for its plans to stop fracking, in a crucial vote in only a few weeks time. Friends of the Earth Scotland are asking you to contact your MSPs now to ask them to push the Government to go further and ask them to take the final step by passing a law banning fracking.

Zero Waste Scotland are rolling out a new litter and flytipping prevention initiative across Scotland to help organisations and communities in Scotland reduce costs and create a safer, cleaner environment for all.

Organisations from a wide range of sectors and industries are being encouraged to produce Litter Prevention Action Plans which will then feed into the development of Community Litter Prevention Action Plans covering each Local Authority area.

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Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) are hosting a free exhibit about single use drinks containers in the Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow on Tuesday 24 and Wednesday 25 October. Come along to find out more about the problems associated with single use drinks containers, what KSB are doing to tackle these and learn more about what you can do.

Do you ever think about the number of cups and single use drinks containers that are used in Scotland? Do you want to see how paper cups get recycled?  Interested in seeing artwork created from cups and drinks waste by Littoral:sci-art project artist, school pupils from Glasgow and members of the community?

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