We are delighted to announce that our Glasgow West Community Map is now live. The map has been developed using the award winning Green Map System online mapping tool. Green Map System uses unique global icons and adaptable tools to engage communities worldwide in mapping green living, nature and cultural resources to help chart a sustainable future!

This is the first phase of the Glasgow West Community Map and it will focus on the communities of Yoker, Scotstoun, Whiteinch, Knightswood and Jordanhill. The map will initially feature:

  • Community organisations including those that offer volunteering opportunities
  • Community assets including community centres, parks, green spaces and assets that encourage green living
  • Existing and potential areas for community growing
  • Eye sores and areas that need to be improved

Get involved…

  • Use the map – either online or on your mobile (m.greenmap.org)
  • Promote the map – put a link on your website or print a poster for your office
  • Join the map making team
  • Suggest sites to be added to the map

We are also keen to work in partnership with any local organisations that want to ‘adopt’ a piece of the map! Please get in touch if you are interested.

So please do get involved with the Glasgow West Community Map!