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The Friends of Victoria Park campaign to save 28 historic flower beds has paid off and the Council has agreed they will be planted with more sustainable alternatives.

The Council had reported that, although their gardeners can no longer plant these beds several times a year with bulbs and annual plants, they offered three alternative options to the campaigners at a recent meeting at The Whiteinch Centre.

Friends of Victoria Park (FoVP) and Whiteinch Community Council both agreed on Option 2 which involves planting the beds with hardy ornamental shrubs such as dwarf hydrangeas and miniature rhododendrons – both popular forms of planting in Victorian gardens. The Council estimate this will save them £21,000 a year and cost £2,000 a year to maintain although there will be an initial one off outlay of £16,000. Currently planting the 28 beds costs £23,000 a year.

The Council will continue to plant bulbs and flowers in the 30 remaining flower beds and the Friends has asked that the scheme should be planned so that the shrubs and flower beds complement each other to maintain the high impact of the gardens. Read the rest of this entry »

The Voluntary Action Fund is managing the Democracy Matters Community Engagement Fund on behalf of the Scottish Government Public Bodies and Public Service Reform Division.

People in Scotland are being invited to join a conversation about community decision making to help make public services more locally focused. The Democracy Matters conversation is a joint venture between the Scottish Government, COSLA and the community sector. The conversation forms part of the Scottish Government Local Governance Review.

The Democracy Matters Community Engagement Fund is a specific fund that will contribute to the Democracy Matters conversation. The aim of the Fund is to encourage local community groups to contribute to the conversation.

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Glasgow City Council has launched plans for an exciting participatory budgeting pilot scheme to give people living in the highest poverty and inequality areas in Glasgow more control over decisions that affect them.

£1 million pounds of council money will be spent on specific priorities within four council wards in Glasgow. The council wards and the themes for the projects include:

  • Calton for Child poverty
  • Canal in North Glasgow for Income and employment deprivation
  • Pollokshields for Black and Minority Ethnic
  • Greater Pollok for Young People

David McDonald, Deputy Leader of the council said:

This exciting shift in power will spark the minds and the imagination of citizens, it will help tackle local problems head-on and will engage people like never before in thinking about the future of their local areas.

“We will now start the work of deep engagement within the four selected areas developing and building the capacity of the local residents and working with a range of partners including the University of Glasgow to measure the impact of this new policy.”

The PB Scotland have also produced a new short video called Moving Toward The Mainstream. (also see below)

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The Community Health Exchange (CHEX) are interested in hearing from people who would like to know more about the Community Empowerment (Act) Scotland?

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act came into force this year, and communities in Scotland can now make use of it! Please read this 2 page summary of the key points of the Act SCDC_CommEmpowermentAct_2-pager_Oct2017

CHEX invites community-led health organisations to register their interest in attending free workshops to find out what the Act contains and how community-led health organisations and other groups they work with can make use of it in order to take forward the sorts of things they want to do.

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People across Scotland will now have a say in how £100 million of council funds will be used in their communities.

Council leaders have agreed that at least 1% of local government budgets will be subject to participatory budgeting by the end of 2021, giving communities more influence than ever to make decisions on how funding is spent in their localities.

Local Government Minister Kevin Stewart said:

“This is a clear way of bringing democracy to local communities by giving people a direct voice in spending decisions. Through the Community Choices Fund, the Scottish Government has already invested £4.7 million in participatory budgeting activity by supporting public authorities and communities across Scotland. Last year, the fund helped over 39,000 people to have a say on spending in their local area.”

More information about participatory budgeting can be found at on the PB Scotland website


The Glasgow Community Plan has now been published online by Glasgow Community Planning Partnership. The Plan has been developed by partners in the city to articulate the focus and priority areas where joint action can make a real difference.

Glasgow Community Planning Partnership brings together public agencies, the third sector and the private sector, to work to improve the city its services and the lives of people who live and work here.

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 requires Glasgow Community Planning Partnership to publish a Local Outcomes Improvement Plan that sets out our shared priorities for the city, where GCPP plan to make improvements and over time show that we have made these improvements. In Glasgow this is the Glasgow Community Plan

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Glasgow City Council’s recently held a Communities Summit at the City Chambers. The summit bought together residents, stakeholders, and partners from across Glasgow together to discuss topics which directly affect citizens in Glasgow.

The presentations from the event are now all available online.


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