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Keep Scotland Beautiful have published a report showing that Scotland’s local environmental quality is deteriorating and that it is at a 10 year all time low.

The Local Environmental Quality in Decline report confirms that there has been a marked increase in the presence of litter, flytipping and graffiti in communities across the Scotland, and an overall decline in local environmental quality.

Poor local environmental quality is having a negative impact every day on the lives of over one million people living in Scotland. Local environmental quality is declining more severely and at a faster rate in our most deprived communities. And for those that perceive their local environment to be poor are more likely to report poorer physical and mental health.

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WereWatchingYou_ImageKeep Scotland Beautiful have launched a new high profile ‘We’re Watching You’ campaign to address dog-fouling.

Dog fouling is a persistent problem in some communities and previous research has shown that some dog owners act irresponsibly when they think they are not being watched.

Now, striking posters, first used by Keep Britain Tidy, with hard-hitting messages and trademarked ‘glow in the dark’ eyes are available to help influence the behaviour of those dog owners who currently don’t do the right thing.  There are two posters which have different messages: one details the fine level, the other highlights that 9 out of 10 dog owners pick up after their pets.

The pilot poster campaign which was conducted in partnership with NFU Scotland, urging dog walkers to clean up after their pets on agricultural land, more than halved the incidence of dog fouling recorded over the duration of the activity.

The ‘We’re Watching You’ toolkit which is available to download from the KSB website.

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20141105_LitterA contract to develop software that allows the use of CCTV to monitor instances of littering across Scotland has been awarded.

Researchers at the University of Strathclyde have been tasked with creating and testing a software package that would allow automatic image recognition and CCTV cameras to detect when litter is being dropped.

However, Zero Waste Scotland, which awarded the work, has said the system would not be able to identify individuals dropping litter and therefore would not be used in order to issue fines.

headerneighbourhoodsmallIf you haven’t already done so, don’t miss out on the chance to receive national recognition, support and the chance to celebrate your groups’ achievements by taking part in the annual It’s Your Neighbourhood ( or Beautiful Scotland campaign (, both organised by Keep Scotland Beautiful as part of the UK-wide RHS Britain in Bloom campaign.

The deadline for entries is Thursday 30 April 2015 – to find out if your group qualifies for either campaign, please read the fliers attached, and then visit the relevant website to register on-line – IYN Promotional Flyer oe BScot Promotional Flyer

wildflowers-3And remember, if your group is carrying out any litter picks, please do register them with the Clean Up Scotland campaign so KSB can support your efforts – clean ups can take place any time throughout the year, but events taking place during the months of April and May will be eligible to apply for free treats kindly donated by Greggs.

Clean-Up-Scotland-header-finalWe recently received the June issue of the Clean Up Scotland newsletter and it is packed full of opportunities on how you can get involved with the campaign over the coming year. Clean Up Scotland June newsletter

Inside the newsletter you will find articles including:

  • Amazing volunteering opportunity for the Commonwealth Games Festival 2014
  • Seizing the opportunity the Queen’s Baton Relay provides Scotland
  • Brand new Clean Up Scotland Posters on litter, dog fouling, flytipping and graffiti
  • How you should spend your midsummer weekend
  • Rate your beach with the Seaside Awards 2014
  • Organise your One Planet Picnic
  • Get inspired by Scotland’s success on Clean Europe Day
  • And find out all about the new Litter Strategy

Many thanks again for your continued support of Keep Scotland Beautiful – the Clean Up Scotland campaign can only achieve great things with your ongoing help.

CleanUpEurope_logoThe first ever Clean Europe Day will take place on Saturday 10th May. Keep Scotland Beautiful is Scotland’s lead organisation working with the Clean Europe Network and will coordinate activities on behalf of the Network and stakeholders in Scotland for this important day of community action for our local environment.

This day will focus on aquatic and marine litter so any litter along rivers, canals and beaches. Scotland is a land surrounded by 10,000km of stunning coastline, 31,000 lochs, 220 kilometres of canals and with our 10 longest beautiful rivers making up a combined length of 1350 kilometres we have an amazing asset. But these waterscapes are under threat from littering, pollution and habitat destruction. Find out more here.

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