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Cllr Lesley Hinds and Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham beside 'smart bin'

Cllr Lesley Hinds and Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham beside ‘smart bin’

In the coming months the Scottish Government will introduce new statutory litter guidance which will encourage duty holders to attach greater priority to preventing litter from arising in the first place, aiming to reduce the amount of resources being spent on cleaning up other people’s mess.

With over £1 million spent tackling litter every single week across Scotland, the Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham is enabling local authorities and other public bodies to take action on prevention.

She signalled her commitment to revising the Code of Practice for Litter and Refuse (COPLAR) while visiting Edinburgh City Council’s innovative ‘smart bin’ scheme which uses smart technology to ensure collection crews always empty bins before they reach capacity.

She said:

“Public bodies across Scotland spend a huge amount of money on tackling litter and flytipping – funds which could be better spent on other services. The aim of our national litter strategy Towards a Litter-free Scotland is to drive a fundamental change in how councils and others deal with the litter problem. It’s about refocusing efforts on stopping littering behaviour in the first place, because prevention is always better than cure.”

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fovp_cleanup_poster_22oct16Friends of Victoria Park are looking for help with their autumn clear up. The event will take place from 10am to midday on Saturday 22 October 2016.

They will be picking litter and weeding in the park. Please bring your own tools, gloves and sturdy footwear. All the litter picking equipment will be provided.

If you are interested in attending or want to find out more then please contact Friends of Victoria Park at

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KSB_LitterPickPlus_imageThe Clean Up Scotland campaign has recently launched the new Litter Pick Plus toolkit which is now available to download.

Litter Pick Plus is a new innovation which looks at all of the additional factors that link together to make an area clean and green.  By going beyond normal Clean Ups and continuing to look after the area once it has been cleaned, we want to focus on preventing litter in the first place.

The new toolkit pulls together lots of suggestions on how to Take Action, Communicate and Campaign to get the most out of your community Clean Ups.


PTAG_HeaderA new group has been set up in the Partick and Thornwood area to try and tackle the environmental problems in the Partick and Thornwood area. This includes litter, dog fouling, fly-tipping and graffitti!

PTAG_FlyerThe Partick and Thornwood Action Group has been set up with the support of Partick Housing Association, Clean Glasgow and Community Safety Glasgow and has already organised some successful clean up days in and around the area.

You can find out more on their Facebook page – Partick and Thornwood Action Group

Don’t live in Partick and Thornwood? Find out more about becoming a Neighbourhood Improvement Volunteer and you can download the MyGlasgow app for your smartphone

20141105_LitterA contract to develop software that allows the use of CCTV to monitor instances of littering across Scotland has been awarded.

Researchers at the University of Strathclyde have been tasked with creating and testing a software package that would allow automatic image recognition and CCTV cameras to detect when litter is being dropped.

However, Zero Waste Scotland, which awarded the work, has said the system would not be able to identify individuals dropping litter and therefore would not be used in order to issue fines.

Clean-Up-Scotland-header-finalRecently we were invited through to Edinburgh to attend a reception at the Scottish Parliament to celebrate the achievements of the Clean Up Scotland campaign and the launch of the new #2MinuteCleanUp campaign a simple campaign to get more people actively picking up litter.

The Clean Up Scotland campaign has been running for two years and is managed by Keep Scotland Beautiful with support from the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland and we were invited to the event for the work we had done (with the support of many local partners) on the Ditch the Dirt anti dog fouling campaign.

The star of the show was 8 year old Bronagh Dallas a pupil from Elgin Primary School who, after hearing about the damage litter does to wildlife, started picking litter up on her walk to and from school and the inspiration for the #2MinuteCleanUp campaign

Bronagh said “Every day on my walk to school I put on my rubber gloves and grab a big bag. Most days my bag is full by the time I get there. I have been disgusted by the amount of glass bottles, cans, plastic bags, cardboard and even used nappies.”

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Before No.1 On Wednesday 11 March there will be an environmental clean up at the Kingsway Court estate. There will be a range of activities including litter picking and clearing vegetation across the estate but particularly at the ‘Homie’ at the back of 50 and 60 block.

The event has been organised by the Environment Team at GHA Clydeside Tenant Partnership and will be supported by ourselves, Kingsway Court Health & Wellbeing Centre and West Glasgow Green Gym and Community Safety Glasgow.

The meeting point will be at 10am outside the concierge station at 30 block. So why not pop along and lend a hand – don’t forget to dress for the weather!

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