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Walk to School Week is the perfect time to get your children walking and runs from Mon 21 to Fri 25 May is the greatest walk of all.

And with one in four cars on the road at peak times heading to school, Living Streets wants to get as many families walking as possible.

You can take the pledge, and Living Streets will show you how to make the week extra special for your family:

  • Tips and advice in the run up to Walk to School Week
  • Ideas to make the Walk to School fun
  • First look at our new Walk to School handbook for parents and carers
  • Show you how others across the country are getting more children at their schools walking.

The benefits speak for themselves… More info at

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I recently attended the monthly meeting of the Yoker Community Council, which was held at Peterson Park Halls.

It was really interesting hearing about the issues that are of concern to people in the Yoker area.

For example the work to reinforce the Dyke Road bridge is due to start soon, which is great news, however once it is complete there are real concerns that the roads around the bridge will once again be used for as a rat run for local motorists. In addition there are also very real issues relating to people parking up on the kerbs in the area so that people with pushchairs or mobility issues can not get past and so have to go into the road to get passed parked vehicles.

There were similar concerns about the increase in traffic that the proposed North Clyde Recycling Centre would bring to the area, in particular because this would mainly be HGVs.

One approach to addressing traffic issues is the Living Streets campaign. Living Streets is the national charity that stands up for pedestrians. They work with local people to create safe, attractive, enjoyable streets where it’s great to walk.

Other options to reduce the number of car journeys include car sharing schemes such as Go Car Share and Car Share Lift Share and schemes such as the City Car Club.

Yoker Community Council also produce a quarterly newsletter which you can download here ( YCC_Newsletter_No07_June2012). The latest issue features a great wee story about the Battle of Yoker!

There are several other community councils in the area including Scotstoun (meet monthly at Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre) and Whiteinch (meets monthyl at the Whiteinch Centre). There role is…

“Community Councils are groups of people who give time to, and have a genuine interest in, the well-being of their community. They meet, usually once a month, and their chief role is representative; to consult the local community and to make known to the local authority and other public bodies the views of local people on all matters affecting them. “

“The local authority, in return, has a duty to consult community councils on how local services are delivered and other issues affecting their neighbourhoods. Community councils have the right to be consulted on any planning applications in their areas and are also kept informed about licensing applications.”

There is also a Community Council Resource Centre in Glasgow which provides more information about the roles of community councils and other information.

So if you are interested in what is happening in your community then please get in touch with your local communoity council!

The image above is courtesy of Get Around Glasgow!

De'ils On Wheels Bike Workshop

WH Malcolm campaign

Contact Details

Main Office
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre, 64 Balmoral Street, Glasgow G14 0BL
t: 0141 433 0427
e: getinvolved@

De'ils On Wheels
Wed 11am-3pm, Thu 1pm-5pm
40 Kingsway Court, Scotstoun, Glasgow G14 9SU
m: 07515 879747
e: deilsonwheels@


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