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The Get Glasgow Moving Campaign are holding a local election hustings event from 7-9pm on Wednesday 26 April at Renfield St Stephen’s Centre, 260 Bath St, Glasgow G2 4JP.

They are also asking people to sign their petition calling on the Council and other key stakeholders to deliver a world-class, fully-integrated & accessible, publicly-owned, public transport network for everyone in our city.

“Investing in public transport is essential for expanding our city’s economy, addressing inequality and social isolation, reducing toxic levels of air pollution and tackling climate change.”

So take a minute and sign the petition now!

Update on the Broomhill Avenue Greenspace…

Unfortunately, despite having a temporary reprieve in January this year, the Greenspace is once again under threat and a new petition has been set up to fight this latest development.

Glasgow City Council have again been approached with a proposal to have the land declared surplus and sold for development of flats. The local councillors have been asked to comment on this proposal. The likely outcome of this part of the process is unclear. The more signatures we have on the petition, the stronger the case against that proposal will be, and the more pressure we can place on the City Council to listen to the community, and save the Greenspace for the third, and hopefully final, time.

The Friends of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace are also organising a volunteer event at 1pm on Saturday 25 March to prepare the ground for sowing the seeds for a long strip of wildflowers on the south border of the Greenspace. And they need volunteers to help with digging/turning over soil and removing stones etc. We have some spades and forks but bringing your own would be helpful. Under 16’s need to bring a responsible adult.

getglasgowmovingWednesday 14 December 2016 marks Glasgow Subway 120th birthday and Think Outside the Circle: Extend Glasgow’s Subway will be ‘celebrating’ with the launch of the Get Glasgow Moving campaign. Please bring your party hats and join in at 1pm on Wednesday 14 December at the north exit of St. Enoch Station.

Built in 1896 it’s a sad fact that Glasgow Subway is the only underground in the whole world never to have been extended and so still only serves a tiny area of our city.

The Get Glasgow Moving campaign has been featured in the news recently – check out their Facebook page for the links – and is calling for a a world-class, fully-integrated and accessible, publicly owned public transport network for everyone in Glasgow.

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greenspace_2The Friends of Broomhill Avenue Greenspace are now one of Glasgow’s many friends of groups set up to help protect and improve parts of Glasgow (however small) that people don’t want to lose. However the space is now under threat from development and the group have set up a petition to save the Park. You can sign the petition here.

The first and main objective of the group is to conserve the green area and to improve it for the benefit of the local community and the birds, bees, bats, butterflies and mini-beasts currently using the area. The greenspace plays a valuable role in making Broomhill an attractive place to live and it is identified in the townscape character plan for the Broomhill Conservation Area as a ‘green corridor’.

You can find out more about the group on their website and on their Facebook page.

Hillhead_AirPollution_DemoAction Hillhead and Glasgow University Climate Action Society are calling on Glasgow City Council to take action on air quality in Glasgow.

Friends of the Earth Scotland estimates air pollution accounts for 3,500 early deaths in Scotland. With Byres Road/Dumbarton Road designated as one of Scotland Government’s pollution zone, we need Glasgow City Council to take action.

The petition calls for:

  • An up-to-date, revised Transport Strategy for the city which ensures that at the very least that air quality legal limits are met by April 2017 on Byres Road.
  • Establishment of Low Emission Zones in Glasgow as a matter of urgency.
  • Extension of electric car plug in points to include Byres Road • The introduction of specific measures to reduce traffic volumes on Byres Rd.
  • The introduction of pilot schemes in Glasgow to restrict traffic at school entrances for daily start and finish times

The local campaign group against the WH Malcolm planning proposal is also waiting to here about the outcome of a proposed petition to the Council about air pollution on South Street.

Sign the action on air quality petition now!

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20mph-sign-blue-skyEarlier this year a member of Go Bike submitted a petition to Glasgow City Council to follow Edinburgh City Council’s recent decision to make 20mph the default speed limit across large parts of the city.

The petition has now concluded and a report was presented to the Public Petitions and General Purposes Policy Development Committee which has agreed that the proposal warranted further investigation.

The Committee has instructed “the Executive Director of Land and Environmental Services to submit a report to the Sustainability and the Environment Policy Development Committee, having considered the concerns highlighted by the petitioners, which would consider the pace and scale of phasing for the implementation of 20 mph speed limits and how this might be accelerated within the city…”
You can read the full outcome of the petition on the Council’s website

20mph-sign-blue-skyGo Bike, the Strathclyde Cycling campaign, has launched a petition calling on the City Council to follow Edinburgh City Council’s recent decision to make 20mph the default speed limit across large parts of the city. The petition is available on the Council’s website and is open until Tuesday 17 March 2015.

The petition states, “There is an increasing trend across the UK and Scotland to reduce the default urban speed limit from 30mph to 20mph. These lower speeds encourage more considerate driving, leading to safer streets for pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. The current mode of 20mph implementation in Glasgow is to reduce speeds only on selected residential streets, and only after the installation of costly traffic-calming measures. If Glasgow City Council maintains this approach, it will take many years and significant expenditure before 20mph speed limits become the norm across our city.”

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