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Glasgow Social Enterprise Network (GSEN) recently published their third Social Enterprise in Glasgow report, following similar reports published in 2013 and 2015.

Delegates at the event, held at the Glasgow Women’s Library, heard Keynote Speaker Cllr Rhiannon Spear highlight inclusive and economic growth is at the heart of the new administration within Glasgow City Council.  Cllr Spear also announced the implementation of a newly reformed Glasgow Economic Partnership Group, where GSEN will take a seat, and the development of a local social enterprise strategy.

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The 2017 Greenspace Use and Attitude survey published by greenspace scotland shows the downward trend in the deteriorating quality of Scotland’s parks and greenspaces has continued.  Whilst the survey confirms that Scots still love their parks, with over 90% of urban Scots saying it is important to have greenspace in their local area, the quality of Scotland’s parks and greenspaces has continued to decline, and this means that fewer people are using their local greenspaces regularly.

40% of people agreed or agreed strongly that the quality of their local greenspace has reduced in the last 5 years (up from 33% in 2011) and this figure rises to 50% for people living in the more deprived areas (up from 35% in 2011).

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parksgreenspaces_headerLast year Glasgow City Council commissioned Pidgin Perfect to facilitate a series of consultations to inform the strategy for Glasgow’s parks and greenspaces. The four informal creative workshops explored four key themesYour spaces; Community spaces; Ecological spaces and Connected spaces.

Since the workshops Pidgin Perfect have been looking through all of the postcards and map markers that were filled out and compiling the suggestions, ideas and opinions. All of the information collected has been bought together into a report, which contains detailed information about all the topics discussed as well a series of suggestions to be taken forward to the next round of public consultation.

The following areas were identified for further development as the consultation moves forward:

  • Communication
  • Improved Parks Forum
  • Community Growing
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Re-wilding
  • Activities and events

Download the report here 170117_stage2_parksgreenspaces_report2 And there will be further consultation and opportunities to get involved over the coming months. For more information about the report please contact Pidgin Perfect.

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As an Environmental Trust understanding our own environmental impact is very important to us. Following on from our first Environmental Impact report last year we have recently produce our latest report which quantifies our environmental impact – or carbon footprint!

This year we have increased the scope of the report to include some staff business travel and staff commuting as well as the emissions from the De’ils On Wheels workshop and those related to the metal that we send for recycling.

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Following on from the publication earlier in the year of our first Environmental Impact Report we have recently produced a similar report but this time looking at our economic impact.

A lot of the monitoring and evaluation that we do relates to the social impacts and the BuyLocalLogodifference our work makes to people’s lives. However as an Environment Trust we are very aware that both our environmental and economic impacts also contribute to our vision of vibrant, thriving and resilient communities and our mission to protect and enhance the local environment and to increase the wellbeing and resilience of local people and communities.

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As an Environmental Trust understanding our own environmental impact is very important to us. So we have, for the first time, produced a report which quantifies our environmental impact – or carbon footprint!

In the past we have calculated the environmental impact of some of our projects and services, mainly as a reporting requirement for our funders.

However this is the first time we have calculated the carbon footprint for our whole organisation. Based on our calculations our total footprint for the year was 2.6 tonnes of CO2e – the equivalent to running an average car for 6 months!

The two biggest contributory factors to our environmental impact is the use of our van and our office space, which account for approx 75% and 25% of our footprint respectively.

A more useful way of measuring our footprint is per employee which gives us a footprint of 1.1 tonnes CO2e per employee.

By starting to measure our carbon footprint we are then able to look at ways to reduce it and we will be looking at this over the coming months!

You can download the report here DRCET_EnvironmentalImpactReport_2011-12













We recently produced a progress report about the Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre for various funders and supporters of the project. It has been over 15 years since the community started campaigning for a new community facility and the report tries to capture some of the history of the development of the Centre, some of which can be seen in the image below…

You can download the report here DRCET_HoS_ProgressReport_Final_LoRes_Jun2012

De'ils On Wheels Bike Workshop

WH Malcolm campaign

Contact Details

Main Office
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre, 64 Balmoral Street, Glasgow G14 0BL
t: 0141 433 0427
e: getinvolved@

De'ils On Wheels
Wed 11am-3pm, Thu 1pm-5pm
40 Kingsway Court, Scotstoun, Glasgow G14 9SU
m: 07515 879747
e: deilsonwheels@

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