School Run Summit 2018

Our 2nd School Run Summit will take place on the morning of Tuesday 2 October 2018 – you can find out more and book your place here


In November 2017 DRCET hosted a half-day School Run Summit which bought together several local schools from the G11/12/13/14/15 postcode areas along with a range of other stakeholders including parent councils, community councils, Glasgow City Council departments, local Councillors, other community groups and several national agencies including Cycling Scotland, Sustrans Scotland, Living Streets Scotland and Cycling UK.

The aim of the summit was to bring together a wide range of organisations to look at how we could work together more effectively to address the school run.

Below you will find details of:

  • Reports
  • Aims
  • Social media and pledge
  • Working group
  • Calendar
  • Map
  • USeful websites and information


You can read the blog from the School Run Summit and you can download the full and summary School Run Summit reports below:


The School Run Summit made a series of recommendations and actions for different stakeholders to consider. The three overarching aims for the recommendations and actions were to:

  • significantly reduce the number of cars used for the school run
  • focus on helping parents and guardians make different choices about the school run
  • provide schools with additional capacity and support from the community and stakeholders

Social media and pledge

You can join in now on social media by using the following hashtags so if you are doing anything in your school or community about the school run please share it with us!

  • #SaferSchoolRun – everyone can use the simple hashtag (#) to share #SaferSchoolRun related activity and information on Twitter and Facebook and to re-tweet and share info from others
  • #AtLeastOneDayAWeek – by encouraging parents/guardians that currently drive to change their habits #AtLeastOneDayAWeek will result in a 20% change in their behaviour. This can include active travel, car sharing, public transport, part and stride etc
  • #ActiveTravel – sharing news when pupils are walking, cycling and scooting to school will help spread the word far and wide!
  • Safer School Run Community Pledge – building on the Council’s parking pledge to get the wider community to sign up to a pledge to help raise awareness of and take action on the school run – more to follow soon!
  • DRCET Blog – you can read all the #SaferSchoolRun blog entries

Working Group

A small School Run working group has been set up. It is made of people from local primary schools, community councils, local Councillors, the Council, Glasgow Centre for Population Health, Sustrans Scotland, Cycling Scotland and others! If you want to find out more please get in touch.


We have set up a calendar which details information relating to the school run including term dates, themed activity days and weeks and other relevant information.


We have created a map of the local area which shows all the local secondary, primary and nursery schools as well as information about safe routes for walking and cycling and other useful information.

Useful websites and information