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In Autumn 2016 the Council commissioned EKOS Consultants to undertake a Community Placemaking exercise for Victoria Park to find a way forward together in collaboration with the stakeholders and community representatives of the surrounding areas of the park.

The placemaking exercise involved a series of community events and meetings and concluded in March 2017 when the consultants produced a draft Action Plan and draft Strategic Development Plan for the Park.

At this time it was unclear how things would progress and so DRCET offered to facilitate a further series of meetings of the community stakeholders and representatives to consider the two draft plans. This offer was accepted by those that had been involved with the Placemaking exercise and the Victoria Park Working Group was established. The list of organisations involved is shown below.

Following the discussions of the Working Group it was agreed, as per the findings of the Placemaking exercise, that a new organisation be set up to take forward the delivery of the Strategic Development Plan. More information about this will be available in due course.

All the reports and papers from the Community Placemaking exercise and the Working Group meeting notes are available on the Council website.

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The Friends of Victoria Park AGM will take place at 7pm on Wednesday 16 May 2018 at St Thomas Aquinas Secondary, 112 Mitre Road, Jordanhill G14 9PP.

Everyone is welcome to attend the AGM and there will be talks about the following topics:

  • find out about the Victoria Park working group
  • hear about the Friends Fossil Grove fernery project
  • give your views on proposals to grass over some of the flower beds

You can find out more about Friends of Victoria Park on their website

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A new website to promote and encourage Smarter Travel in Glasgow has been launched – www.smartertravelgla.co.uk

Smarter Travel is about getting around with the maximum benefit to you and the minimum impact on the planet. It’s about making your journey in a way that benefits your health, your pocket and your state of mind.

Smarter Travel is about being flexible and using the right type (mode) of transport to fit with your plans. So whether you do it one day a week or whether you change your whole lifestyle it all makes a difference.

The website also hosts the recently launched Glasgow and Clyde Cycle Challenge 2018!

You can check out the website for more info!


The Fossil Grove in Victoria Park is open from 12-4pm every Saturday and Sunday until the Sunday 21 October 2018.

Victoria Park is home to some of the most spectacular fossils in the UK – ancient trees over 300 million years old – twice as old as the dinosaurs! The trees are the remnants of vast forests which periodically covered much of what is now central Scotland during the Carboniferous Period. These fossils eventually became the coal that powered Glasgow’s industry.

Today the Fossil Grove is classed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), giving the site outstanding nature conservation value. It has also been designated as a ‘Regionally Important Geological Site’. The building protecting the fossils is recognised as one of the earliest developments in geotourism and geoconservation and is testament to the foresight of Glasgow’s Victorian forefathers.

You can read more about the Fossil Grove on the Friends of Victoria Park website and the Glasgow Geological Society website.

Grant funding is available from the 23 Area Partnerships across the city. These budgets are mainly used to provide grants to local community and voluntary organisations to provide services that will help to achieve the Area Partnership’s local priorities and Glasgow City Council’s objectives.

Organisations can apply for funding from £300 to £6000.

For more information please contact the North West Partnership & Development Team, based at The Albany, 44 Ashley Street, Glasgow G3 6DS
Tel: 0141 276 9900 or visit the Council website www.glasgow.gov.uk/areapartnershipgrants

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Glasgow City Council want to know about your experiences of public transport in the city.

One of the key priorities for Glasgow City Council is to reduce inequality across Glasgow by creating a thriving economy that works for everyone.

Improving public transport has been identified by Glasgow Community Planning Partnership (GCPP) as a key enabler in allowing everyone to connect to opportunities to work, access training and education, shop and socialise in the city.

This short anonymised survey is designed to capture your thoughts and experiences on moving around the city and will be shared with GCPP and it’s partners including Glasgow City Council to inform their research into improving public transport provision across the city.

This is your chance to influence the direction of traveltell them what you think

Scotstoun Community Council recently unveiled a new mural on Balmoral Street bridge which was created by local artistic young people.

The Community Council has been working in partnership with DRC Youth Project, Community Safety Glasgow, Glasgow City Council, Sustrans Scotland and some local businesses to create the mural.

The street art project was created to inspire and involve local young people in improving their neighbourhood. It aims to boost participants’ self-confidence and break down barriers between different generations.

Professional graffiti artist, Danny McDermott (known as EJEK), worked with teenagers from Dumbarton Road Corridor (DRC) Youth Project to design and create the large graffiti mural, costing almost £6500, to enhance the bridge’s appearance.

Ben Harris (15) said: “We’re all proud of the mural and it was good that we could put our names on it. Dan was cool and we learned a lot from him. We worked on it over a couple of months and I’d like to do it again. Sometimes older people are worried when they see young folk in the street – even when we’re just walking along. It’s good that they can see us doing something good for the community.”

Well done to everyone involved – a great example of the community working together for the benefit of everyone.

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