gcppprimarylogowebaddressfullcolourGlasgow Community Planning Partnership Annual Report 2016 has been published showing the wide range of activities and outcomes from Community Planning in Glasgow.

The report shows the wide range of activities and outcomes from Community Planning in Glasgow. It also highlights some of those activities in more depth in order to illustrate the complexity of some of the challenges faced and also the commitment to meeting those challenges through new ways of working.

Councillor Soryia Siddique, Chair of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership, presented the 2016 annual report saying:

Since becoming Chair of Glasgow Community Planning Partnership in October 2015, I have been impressed with the level of commitment demonstrated to partnership working in the city. I have also been enthused by the range of community based organisations providing valuable services to residents across our communities and the dedication of those staff and volunteers involved in their delivery. This report provides a snapshot of progress made by Partners over the past year toward our shared outcomes and also highlights some of the growing opportunities for residents and communities to contribute to this success.”

The full report can be downloaded from the Community Planning Partnership website.


SIMD_2016_CoverA new Scottish Government publication shows the “significant long-term challenge” of tackling deprivation, according to Communities Secretary Angela Constance.

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) publication ranks almost 7000 small areas covering all of Scotland from most- to least-deprived. It combines data from across the UK and Scottish Governments, police and the NHS and is promoted across a range of groups to use the statistics to benefit communities.

The Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation (SIMD) identifies small area concentrations of multiple deprivation across all of Scotland in a consistent way. It allows effective analysis for the Scottish Government, local authorities, the NHS and the third sector to target policies and funding where the aim is to wholly or partly tackle or take account of area concentrations of multiple deprivation.


SIMD provides a wealth of information to help improve the understanding about the outcomes and circumstances of people living in the most deprived areas in Scotland.

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20160921_balshagray_13_volunteersSome of our volunteers along with volunteers from the West Glasgow Green Gym and Sustrans Scotland descended upon Blashagray Crescent this week to give it a bit of a clean up.

Balshagray Crescent is the access point for pedestrians and cyclists to the south bound Clyde Tunnel. We have held a few bike breakfasts here in the past few months and our monitoring shows us that at busy times there can be 3-4 pedestrians and cyclists every minute using this busy junction.

The trees in the street had a large amount of epicormic growth around the bottom of the trees which causes the pavements to get blocked, the area to become quite dark and also litter and debris to get trapped making the area look messy.

20160921_balshagray_05_bothThis growth also seriously restricts the sight lines for pedestrians and cyclists alike because it is at head level thus making the area more hazardous. There was also a lot of leaf litter left over from last autumn and winter which was making the pavements and gullies slippy.

As you will see in the before and after photos we think we did a cracking job of cleaning the area up and helped improve the walking and cycling infrastructure in the area and made it safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

This clean up was part of our We Go Pedal Cycle Friendly Whiteinch project which launched last week.

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NewBoundariesSectionEarlier this year the Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland consulted on and then submitted their Fifth Electoral Review Final Recommendations to the Scottish Government for consideration.

In terms of Glasgow the Commission recommended a new electoral arrangement of 85 councillors representing 7 3-member wards and 16 4-member wards, increasing councillor numbers in the local authority by 6.

Last week the Scottish Government considered these recommendations and they have accepted the recommendations in 27 of the 32 Scottish local authorities including Glasgow.

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drcet_annualreport_2015-16_coverFollowing on from our 12th Annual General Meeting, which was held at The Whiteinch Centre last week, our latest Annual Report is now available to download DRCET_AnnualReport_2015-16 .

It’s been another busy and successful year for everyone involved with DRCET and we continue to deliver a wide range of successful services and activities for the people and communities of Yoker, Scotstoun, Whiteinch and beyond!

Many thanks to everyone that attended the AGM and we would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our customers, clients, volunteers, partners, funders, staff and everyone else who has supported us and helped contribute to another great year!

We hope you enjoy the Annual Report and if you have any questions or comments about any of our work please get in touch!

All of our annual reports and annual accounts are available to download from the About Us section of the website.

ourgreatstartkingsway_headerA new group has been set up to help the tenants in the new build at Kignsway Court and Kingsway Gardens settle into the community. Our Great Start Kingsway aims to get people together with their neighbours to make new things happen in the community.

Our Great Start Kingsway has set up a Facebook page and they have been promoting a range of activities and services available in the local area and they have also undertaken a survey of the new tenants.

They will be hosting a meeting at 10am on Tuesday 27 September about setting up a tenants and residents group. The meeting will take place at DRC Generations at 102 Kingsway.

The project is being delivered by The Wheatley Group and CEIS.

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scotsmoneyGlaswegians are being asked for their views on how best to deliver and pay for local services.

The city council has launched the next phase of a wide-ranging budget conversation, which began earlier this year.

The consultation – which will take place primarily online, but will also include a series of meetings with representatives of community organisations – will run until mid-October.

Responses and ideas raised by citizens will be fed into the budget-setting process for the next financial year, 2017/18.

The city’s budget for local services remains under substantial pressure – with the council expected to find savings of £130 million over a two-year period.

However, the consultation doesn’t simply ask citizens to help identify savings; but also the services they value and how they can best be delivered in their communities.

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Welcome to DRCET!! We deliver a wide range of environmental projects and services across the West of Glasgow and beyond.

We work to protect and enhance the local environment and to increase the wellbeing and resilience of local people and communities.

Read on to find out more about what we do and - get active, get involved and make a difference!

De'ils On Wheels Bike Workshop

Contact Details

Main Office
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm
Heart of Scotstoun Community Centre, 64 Balmoral Street, Glasgow G14 0BL
t: 0141 433 0427
e: getinvolved@

De'ils On Wheels
Wed 11am-3pm, Thu 1pm-5pm
40 Kingsway Court, Scotstoun, Glasgow G14 9SU
m: 07515 879747
e: deilsonwheels@

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Legal stuff

DRCET is a recognised Scottish Charity (Charity No SC035954) and a company limited by guarantee registered in Scotland (Company No SC273114). Registered office as shown above.

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